the helms family

we are the newly married, kasey and Tyler Helms.
parents to our two rescued puppies (they are actually full grown
Labrabulls that we have had for three years but still puppies in our eyes).
lovers of all things NC State, carolina panthers, traveling,
craft beer, good food, and good music!

fun fact, we met back in august of 2011
at a concert in raleigh and come to find out,
we grew up ten minutes from each other during our
childhood and lived in the same city, just different counties!


About kasey & TYLER

the man behind (or under) the drone!

Meet our dad, daddio, and drone pilot, Mark! when able, mark joins us on site to capture the breath taking, profile, arial shots to add that little extra something to your wedding film!


the point

In august 2015, more of our friends and family members began to get married we found ourselves asking them what would they do differently or what did they wish they would have done when it came to their wedding day. nine times out of ten they said that they wish they would have invested in a videographer...or at least have considered it, but, instead they assumed it was too expensive and wasn’t worth the investment.

tyler has been known to create documentaries since the age of 10 and even directed and edited a series in college (Go Pack!) that was a spin on the show the office! kasey knew her way around a camera through the photography and CINEMATIC courses she had taken at both high point university and North Carolina state university. Mark and a camera go way back to nc state football tailgates and halloween videos with friends and families. he also dabbled in some landscape and nature photography back in the day! with their combined knowledge, they figured why not?! sounds fun! so, here we are almost four years later, loving what we do! and in case you didn’t notice, Tyler and Kasey got married!!!

Although your wedding photos are great for hanging on your walls and sitting on the mantle, a video is something that truly takes you back to those moments and allows you to relive them…in motion. We have had clients who unfortunately have lost loveD ones soon after their wedding day and once they received their film, they were able to watch those love ones live again. They got to hear their voice, see them laugh, and witness hugginG them for what they didn’t know would be one of the last hugs they would ever embrace with them again.

you can watch on your anniversary the moment you became husband and wife. Even better than that, your film gives you something to share with your maybe future children!