E M I L Y & T R A V I S




We love going to events at Summerfield Farms during the week. One night, we decided to go up to the market to get some food to cook and had beers on the outside patio. This lovely couple comes up to the market and we immediately started talking. In fact, we talked so long, the market had closed while we were chatting away! 

Emily & Travis met at the hotel Emily worked at in New York. Travis was there for business training and Emily just so happened to catch his eye. Travis would write love letters to Emily and pass them to her each day. The training ended up lasting a few weeks, so it seemed like this wasn't a coincidence; this was meant to be!

Our favorite moment of Emily & Travis' wedding was simply the fact that they were so patient, calm and cool, and appreciative of us. It rained almost the whole day that we spent with Emily & Travis and it didn't seem to phase them at all. The stuck it out because they knew their wedding day is only the beginning of the real prize, which is being each other's life partner.

We are so excited for Emily & Travis and are so glad we met them that night at Summerfield Farms. We look forward to catching up with them and watching them create a beautiful life together!

Venue: Summerfield Farms // Photographer:  Liz Grogan Photography // Wedding Coordinator & Florals: ABBA Design //
DJ: Dow Oak Events // Catering: Above & Beyond Catering // Cake: Publix