Your first decision as an engaged couple is to set priorities for your wedding planning. You have to decide what you value most. Is it the dress? The food? The Venue? Photographer? Often brides leave videography last but after the big day is over, you will leave your reception with a spouse & your pictures.... that’s it! So what now? 

All of those months of planning and preparation is over in a matter of hours! As our friends and family members began to get married we found ourselves asking them what would they do differently and nine times out of ten they said that they wish they would have invested in a videographer...or at least have considered it, but, instead of assumed it was too expensive and wasn’t worth the cost. Although your wedding photos are great for hanging on your walls, a video is something that you can watch on your anniversary that takes you back to the moment you became husband and wife. Even better than that, your video gives you something to be able to show your future children. At Point200, we aim to bring our clients to tears as they watch the emotions of their now husband, see them for the first time, hearing one another read along those heartfelt love letters written before becoming husband and wife.