If you are reading this then be prepared to hear one of the sweetest love stories ever!

Flash back to the summer of 2008, Catherine and Evan had just graduated from eighth grade and enjoying their summer break.  While Catherine was spending time with her friends, Evan was away at Boy Scout camp with Catherine's brother.  Per the usual, the Boy Scouts had family night on Thursdays where the families would come visit the scouts and have dinner.  Although Catherine was resistant in going, her parents dragged her along anyways.  Well, little did Catherine know that her parents dragging her along to these dinners would result in her meeting, well spotting, her future husband!  Better yet, she would notice him for the first time doing pull ups in a tree and picking up a trash can.  As almost ninth grade Catherine would say, "Who does that?"

A few days later,  Catherine received a text message from the young scout who was doing pull ups and picking up trash cans and you guessed it, that boy was Evan.  Evan had talked Catherine's brother into a little trade...he would give him five dollars for Catherine's number.  As you can imagine, Catherine's brother agreed and that was the start to what would one day become a beautiful marriage!  

Fast forward to college...Catherine and Evan are graduating from North Carolina State University (GO PACK!!!) and headed over to the Court of Carolina to take pictures with friends and family.  Although Catherine thought they were just taking some pictures, Evan had a little something extra planned.  

Emma, Catherine's dog, started running towards her with a bandanna around her neck.  But it wasn't just a bandanna, there was something sparkly attached.  Evan then called Emma over to him, took the ring off the bandanna and got down on one knee and asked Catherine to marry him! Obviously, Catherine said yes!

Their wedding day was just as beautiful as their love story!  Check it out in the video above!


Ceremony Venue: St. Pius X Catholic Church // Reception Venue: Adaumont Farm //

 Photography: Rachael Elisabeth Photography & Madison Ann Photography // Catering: 1618 // DJ: 815 events