Elizabeth & Jason Davis | Point200 Videography



Summerfield Farms | Summerfield, NC | May 19, 2018

If you are a fan of One Tree Hill and you know Lizzie and Jason, then you know that their story is pretty much like the classic Haley & Nathan Scott story.  Lizzie was the beautiful and smart girl, while Jason was the good-looking, goofball, accident-prone "jock" that he still is today!  Like Haley and Nathan in One Tree Hill, Jason fell for Lizzie early on, however, it took Lizzie a while to see that there was just something about Jason and she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him.  So, low and behold, after several attempts Jason finally got his Haley (Lizzie) and we were lucky enough to have been able to capture their beautiful day and witness these two precious souls become one!  On a day that the weathermen were calling for a 40% chance of rain, God let the sun shine down on Lizzie and Jason at the ever so lovely little tree at Summerfield Farms.  Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Lizzie and Jason became husband and wife!  We are excited to share their story with you and so happy that they each found their Haley and Nathan.  In the words of Lucas Scott, "They give their hearts to each other, unconditionally. And, that's what true love really is. It's not this fairytale life that never knows pain, but it's two souls facing it together and diminishing it with unconditional love."  Heres to The Davises!


CEREMONY Venue: The LIttle tree at Summerfield Farms // RECEPTION VENUE: The Big Barn at Summerfield Farms
Photographer: Jordan Tickle // DJ: DOW Oak events // Catering: ABOVe & beyond Catering // Flowers: taylored blooms